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The Ultimate Summer Sandals for Kids



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The Ultimate Summer Sandals for Kids

The Ultimate Summer Sandals for Kids

Here at Bobux, we pride ourselves on creating beautifully designed shoes that are not only comfortable, but durable too. Every shoe is designed by podiatrists who specialize in children's feet and how they develop. The Quickdry Collection offers a summer sandal that is both stylish and comfortable, allowing your children to run and play wherever summer takes them - on the beach, playground or just in the backyard. Inside or out, the Quickdry Collection is a stylish option for every occasion.


Fast to Dry and Fun to Wear!

The sandals in the Quickdry collection are designed to withstand moisture and still come out looking immaculate. The breathable leather used in the sandals' construction won't bear water stains and will be dry to the touch in less than 20 minutes. The leather will be completely dry in less than an hour showing no signs that your child was even near the water.


Kids running on pier


Durable Construction and Workmanship

The sandals in the Quickdry Collection are made to withstand the high level of activity any toddler will put them through. The padded heel keeps their feet comfortable and the closed toe on the Zap and Tidal collections protect their toes from scrapes or bumps. The leather and unique weave pattern of the Tropicana allows for maximum breathability while cutouts within the weaving allows for airflow. Bobux Quickdry Sandals are designed so they won't lose their shape (no matter how wet they get) and are flexible enough to let your child's foot move freely.

Beautiful Design and Quality Materials

The Zap, Tidal and Tropicana sandals are each designed with your child's foot in mind. The soft, unlined leather is designed to dry quickly (in less than 20 minutes) to prevent the skin of your child's feet from becoming irritated. With the help of podiatrists who specialize in working with children's feet, we have designed sandals that allow for proper movement of the toes and the bending of the arch. Bobux only uses the highest quality materials in every shoe design so that they will show less wear and tear, no matter how your kiddo puts them to the test!
Quick dry collection


Six Summertime Colors

The Quickdry Collection offers sandals in a variety of colors. The Tidal collection is available in Yellow, Black, Navy, Rio Red, Emerald Green and Sapphire. The Tropicana collection comes in shades of Rio Red, Gold, Navy and Watermelon. Zap sandals are available in Black, Navy, Rio Red, Emerald, Sapphire, Yellow, White and Pink. All colors are bright, beautiful and designed to match almost any outfit.
Now it's time to pick out the perfect summer sandal for your child! Wet or dry, your child will always look their very best. Style and comfort come together in this unique collection of sandals. Check out our Quickdry Collection and find the perfect style and color for your little ones.