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Summer Style Guide for Toddlers



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Summer Style Guide for Toddlers
Summer is the perfect time to show off your little one's unique style! If you're still shopping for summer looks for your toddler, the Bobux I-Walk series offers many styles, constructed with the finest, lightweight materials and durable leather, to coordinate with any summer outfit! Each shoe in the I-Walk series is designed to support natural growth and flexibility that will allow your child's foot to develop as it should without being confined or uncomfortable.

Summer style guide - Roam Sandals

A Day at the Beach

Bobux's Roam sandals work for both girls and boys and can be used at the beach or anywhere you take your child for fun. PatPat offers a Mommy & Me floral pattern romper that pairs perfectly with Bobux Caramel Roam sandals. For boys', Carter's offers several different tank and shorts combos that are great for a day at the beach and also look sharp with the Bobux Red Roam Sandals. Each company has a wide selection of beach outfits to choose from. If you're heading to the beach, make sure to put your children in outfits that can easily be placed over a swimsuit. This ensures you will spend less time in the changing room and more time having fun on the beach!

Summer style guide - Delight sneakers

Running Around at the Playground

The Delight for girls and Port for boys offer a stylish look combined with durable materials that makes them ideal for a day at the playground. Your little girl will look stylish and be as cool as a cucumber at the playground when you put her in a pair of Delight Watermelon shoes from Bobux and a camisole tank and short combo from U.S. Polo Association. Your little boy will rock the playground in a pair of Port Navy Bobux and this shirt and short outfit from Under Armour.

Summer style guide - Signet boots

Dressing Up in Your Sunday's Best

The Demi for girls and Signet for boys are ideal for dressing up your little one in formal attire. Whether you are heading to church in your Sunday's best or attending a black-tie wedding and reception, your child's shoes will make a statement! Dress shoes don't have to be uncomfortable to look their very best. For girls, the Demi is both beautiful and well-made to provide both comfort and stylishness. Combine a beautiful formal tulle dress with Demi White Bobux for a one of a kind statement that will make your little girl look like the bell of the ball. Combining a 2-piece suit with a pair of Bobux Black Ash Signet boots from the I-Walk series is a great way to show off your little man's style and flair.

No matter what type of activity you have planned, Bobux makes a shoe in the I-Walk series to meet your child's needs. All of the shoes designed for Bobux have the seal of approval from the podiatrists who help to create them. Only the best materials are used to provide lightweight, durable shoes that will allow your child's feet to develop as naturally as possible without restricting their movements.