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How to Measure Kids & Find the Right Fit When Shopping Online



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How to Measure Kids & Find the Right Fit When Shopping Online
Shopping online is just so much easier than finding the time (and energy) to get to a shopping centre. Not only is the selection of kids’ clothes and shoes infinitely bigger online, it can also mean better deals and a more enjoyable shopping experience. Home delivery isn’t bad either!

The key to successful online shopping is measuring your kid, determining the clothing fit through size guides, and figuring out how that matches up to their measurements.

It’s All About the Measurements

The first thing to consider whenever you buy clothing or shoes online is measurements. Whether the items are for a grown-up or a kid, knowing the recipient’s measurements is key to a successful online shop.

Measuring kids might seem like a hassle, but it’s really only something you need to do every six months or after a big growth spurt.

Pro tip: Measure the little hellraisers while their eyes are glued to the TV; that way they're distracted and won’t squirm!

Measuring tape

How to Measure For Kids Clothing

Take a measuring tape and measure around the chest, just under the arms. This is your chest measurement. It’s a good idea to record it in centimetres and inches.

Next, measure around their natural waistline, and then around the fullest part of their hips. Boys and girls have roughly the same builds and shape until they reach adolescence. So, don’t be afraid to cross between Girl/Boy sections.

Once girls reach puberty and begin to develop, you can measure their chest by measuring around the fullest part of bust, and then under their bust, against their ribcage.

You can also measure the clothing that fits them best. Lay the garment flat and measure across and then double it.

Measuring for shoes is even easier, but just as necessary. You'll find our 4 Step Fitting Guide really helpful. We recommend tracing the outside of your kid’s foot on a piece of paper and measuring the outline.

We also have an Expert Fitting Tool to ensure you get the right size shoe for your rascal. Remember to leave some wiggle room at the toes.

Getting to Know the Size Guide

Every online store will have a size guide, so it’s important to check the size guide for each piece of clothing and compare it to your child’s measurements. Most stores and manufacturers will have differing size charts.

Checking the size guide will ensure you get the right size every time. It’s a good idea to have their measurements in inches and centimetres as shopping online often means buying from all over the world.

Bobux’s size guide offers international sizes, ages and millimetre conversions. So you can always figure out the right shoes size for your kid.

You can also try clothing in-store before buying online, which is useful when you are shopping online to take advantage of online only deals and look for a bigger selection.

Mother and child using a computer

Try AFTER You Buy, and Exchange if Necessary

When you shop for kids clothes online you won’t be able to have the kids try the clothes on before you buy. So it’s a great idea to have them try the clothes on as soon as you receive them.

This way you can determine whether you need to send them back. Often you have the choice of exchanging the item for a different size, or returning it for a refund or store credit.

Your online shopping experience should give you the same rights as buying in-store, including exchanges and returns. Avoid shopping at stores that refuse these options.

Pro tip: Always check out a stores exchange and refund policies before committing to the order.

Find Brands You Trust

The best way to shop online effectively and successfully is to find brands you trust. Whether that’s shopping at online stores you recognise from your shopping centre, online shops that have been recommended by friends and family, or shopping direct from brands.

Alternatively, buy something small from a store you haven't shopped with before and see if you like the quality and service before committing to a bigger purchase.

Pro tip: If you want to buy something from an online store you have never seen before, check out reviews for the store online. Google the store name and the word ‘reviews’.

For the best range of kids shoes online, (we’re completely unbiased), check out the Bobux range of shoes for bubs through to 8 year olds. Or for more helpful advice for busy mums and dads check out the Bobux Blog. Do you have any online shopping tips? Share them below!