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Sole Mates: Helping Your Child Get To Know Their Feet



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Sole Mates: Helping Your Child Get To Know Their Feet

From how they look to how they feel to how they move, there’s a lot kids can learn about their feet both barefoot and shoe-clad. These fun activities will get them more familiar with the feet that will carry them through their lives and they might even come to the same conclusion the team at Bobux came to - feet are downright cool!

1. Experiment with different surfaces and textures

A lot of us wear shoes for the better part of the day. We’re used to the feeling of socks and soles as a walking surface - to the point where the feeling of grass on your feet can actually feel really strange! But it’s important that kids’ bare feet are exposed to a variety of surfaces so their sensory nerves can develop as best they can. So find different surfaces for your little one to test their feet on. They could be hardwood floors, carpet, grass, stones or dirt. Ask them to describe how the surface feels: Is it rough or soft? Warm or cold? Their feet can tell them all about the world around them - they just need the freedom to do it!

two children walk barefoot across a log

2. Think of all the ways their feet can move!

With the freedom of barefootedness, kids can learn about all the cool things their feet can do (besides kicking toys across the living room). So ask them: How many ways can you move your feet? Can they curl their toes? How far can they bend their feet? Can they spread all their toes or lift them one at a time? Have fun with it, then try the same activities when they’re wearing shoes. Healthy shoes should let feet bend and grip, and they should be able to spread their toes as far as they can.

3. Trace their feet

Get your little one to place their foot on a sheet of paper and trace the outline in pencil as best they can. Ask them to describe the shape to you: Is their foot long or short? Wide or skinny? Are their toes round or square? Then get one of their favourite shoes and trace the outline of that, too. What do the two outlines have in common? Can all five of their toes fit if they put their foot outline on top of the shoe outline? If you’re game, you could even use poster paint to create some works of art using their hands and feet, or an old pair of shoes.

This neat little exercise is a great way to encourage kids to start thinking about the relationship between their feet and shoes. So even when they’re wearing shoes and their feet are out of sight, they’re not out of mind.

Teaching your kids about their feet is a great way to help them see how strong, smart and cool they are - all the more reason to take care of them!

We might be biased, but kids’ feet are awesome. In such a short amount of time, they go through a complex developmental process that should never be held back by poor shoes. Bobux shoes are designed for the unique needs of kids’ feet to support their healthy development. Shop the 2018 Collection today.

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