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Halloween Activity Ideas



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Halloween Activity Ideas

Halloween looks a little different this year, but there’s still so many ways that you can make Halloween magical for your little one, in safe and fun ways! Check out our Covid-friendly Halloween ideas for families.


Halloween Movie Night

Craft the perfect Halloween atmosphere with pumpkins, spiders and fairy lights, and snuggle in for a Halloween movie. For kids that aren’t too little, fresh popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon sugar makes the perfect treat. Here’s some of our fave Halloween flicks for little ones - ‘Super Monsters Save Halloween’, ‘Spookley the Square Pumpkin’ or for older kids - ‘Casper’, ‘Toy Story of Terror’.


Scavenger Hunt

Create different themes for each room of the house with hidden Halloween decorations, perhaps a pumpkin, spider, magic potion, black cat, ghost or bat. Write or draw a little checklist for kids to spot the hidden Halloween decorations. Once you’re little treasure hunter finds them all, they win a treat!


Spooky Tik Toks

Have a little Tik Tok fun and dress the whole family up in costume, and make a flash cut from the smallest to the largest family member.


Reverse Trick or Treat 

Get the little ones into their favourite costumes, and go to family, friends, or neighbor’s houses to deliver some delicious treats or Halloween themed baking with a card or a little note.


Frightful Feast

Invite grandparents and little cousins over for a themed costume dinner party with dark drinks, scary sides and monstrous main dishes!


Zoom Party

Get a few families together (virtually) for a Halloween themed Zoom party. Play games, hold a costume parade and share tricks, jokes and scary stories!