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Best Winter Shoes for Kids



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Best Winter Shoes for Kids

 Winter brings cooler temperatures and the possibility of snow (or at least drizzle and rain). It's important to keep your children's feet as warm and dry as possible. Bobux Winter shoes and boots are designed to provide both warmth and comfort while keeping your little one's feet as dry as possible. Every shoe in the Bobux collection is crafted based on the expert knowledge of podiatrists who specialize in the growth patterns of a child's foot.


The Aspen boot collection combines both waterproof materials and a comfy wool Merino lining. The side zipper and multiple straps allow you or your little one to easily adjust the boot to properly fit their ever changing foot. The overall style of the boot is universal, making it a good fit for any type of clothing. The Aspen provides the comfort and warmth your child needs plus the stability that is required for children who are just learning to walk.


aspen black ash merino bobux winter boots boy child toddler

Shire Merino

The Shire Merino boot reaches the middle of your kiddo's calf and is lined with soft, delicate wool so their feet stay warm and toasty. Crafted with premium leather, these boots are both stylish and practical. They have a style that is unique and pairs perfectly with their favorite winter outfits.

shire gold bobux winter boots merino lined girl child


The Waterproof collection offers two styles, the Paddington boot and the Grass Court shoe. Both are designed from Bobux's special waterproof materials to keep moisture out and their body warmth in. They are ideal for those wet winter days, puddle jumping and snowman building sessions!

paddington yellow bobux winter boots waterproof snow children alongcameadaleigh 

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The Bonniemob Peace, Love, and Panda Collection

The Bobux x Bonniemob collection offers the littlest of the babes the best in soft sole comfort and warmth. Designed with your child's growing foot in mind, Bobux and Bonniemob have collaborated to create a shoe that is stylish and ultra flexible to allow your little one's feet to move as naturally as possible for healthy growth.

imagine rainbows pink baby sweater stripe sweatpants bobux bonnie mob soft sole shoes

You can't go wrong with style or foot health when shopping the Bobux winter collection of shoes and boots. Relax knowing your little ones will be warm, comfortable and look good at the same time. Bobux offers shoes for any stage of growth, allowing your child's feet to move naturally while bearing the weight of their body and providing much-needed stability. Not sure which stage is right for your little one? Learn more about how we size by stage, not age, here.