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6 Wicked Kids' Shoe Ideas for Weddings



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6 Wicked Kids' Shoe Ideas for Weddings

Everyone loves a good excuse to dress up, including kids. A wedding is the perfect event to show off your kid’s style and get some awesome photos of them looking their best.

Kids' wedding fashion depends on the type of wedding. Whether it be at a beach, or in a fancy event space, they’ll need an outfit that will suit the special day.

If your child is also a part of the wedding party, as a flower girl or ring bearer, they may even need to be dressed in an ensemble that perfectly co-ordinates with the bridal party or the groomsmen.

Shoes don't just complete the outfit. They've gotta be comfortable enough that your little rascal won’t kick them off mid-ceremony, while also looking chic.

Finding the right shoes for a wedding or any formal occasion can be a hassle, so we've made it easier by coming up with the goods for you!

1. Sandals for a Beach Wedding

The beach is a popular wedding destination and will call for classic linen clothing and a pair of stylish sandals.

girl in wedding sandals

Sandals are a staple of many summer outfits. A versatile, navy blue sandal will look good with simple, white linen shirts and pants, or a lovely floral dress.

2. White Ballet Shoes for a Classic Look

A pair of Ballet Shoes is a must for any girl’s wardrobe. This cute shoe will go with nearly any dress, whether they accompany tights, frilly socks or bare feet.
white kids mary janes for wedding

Most wedding palettes these days feature soft pastels and floral colours. So a pair of white Ballet shoes are the perfect addition to any pretty, pastel outfit.

3. Tan Desert Boots with Blue Pants

Blue suits are all the rage for groomsmen. If your little hell-raiser is performing the important role of ring bearer at the upcoming wedding, it's a great idea to find an outfit that matches the groomsmen.

boy in dress clothes and shoes for wedding

It won’t only look positively adorable, it may turn out that your kid pulls off the outfit better than his adult counterparts!

Blue suits call for tan shoes, and a pair of tan desert boots are not only comfortable; they’ll look fantastic.

4. Metallic Chelsea Boots for Girls & Boys

A pair of boots can be a great shoe option whether or not the weather is looking miserable. But how do you turn that pair of Jodphurs into something special?

kids metallic chelsea boot for wedding

Metallic boots are cool, and can be dressed up or down. They’re a great option for girls and boys, so you can co-ordinate kids’ outfits.

5. Glossy Leather Dress Shoes for an Elegant Event

If the wedding you're off to is going to be an elegant affair, it’s likely that your ratbag will be scrubbed up and dressed to the nines. Leather dress shoes are perfect for this occasion and can be worn by girls or boys.

black leather dress shoe for wedding

Whether they are dressed in a beautiful dress, or an adorable mini-tux that is bound to end up stained, glossy leather shoes will always have them looking their best.

6. Fancy Trainers for a Casual Affair

young boy in white dress clothes and shoes

Many couples are opting for more laid-back weddings. And why not? Throwing a wedding in your backyard, with the bridal party sporting pink Converses and the groomsmen forgoing ties, is an affordable yet fun way of celebrating a new marriage.

But that doesn’t mean your kid should rock up in their grubby trainers. Instead pick up a pair of classy trainers.

Look for swanky patterns and metallic detailing for added chic. Pair these cool shoes with classic wedding attire for a smart-casual look.

Now that you have some inspiration, why not check out our range of kids shoes to find the perfect pair of wedding kicks for your little munchkin!