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Mary Jane Shoes

Soft Sole shoes in a classic Mary Jane style? With all the added benefits of the famous Bobux Soft Sole? Yes, please! Your baby girl's feet are probably still pudgy and not yet fully formed. That makes choosing the right baby shoes for her delicate, growing feet essential!


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Sure, we advocate for going barefoot wherever possible. But there are occasions where you may want to dress your baby girl up. Our supportive, baby Mary Janes keep those chubby toes warm when you’re heading out on a chilly walk around the city, dressing up for a wedding, or a family gathering. Supportive footwear is important. With Bobux, it's also stylish. Our soft leather baby girl shoes let your child's feet flex, grip, strengthen, and develop over the years. The Mary Jane style features a removable inner sole which provides added warmth in the sole of the shoe. Browse below for these perfect shoes for the fashionista in the making and choose from classic red, white or pink.